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TOC for Dao 10:1

The latest issue of Dao (10:1) has been published, including work by contributors to this blog: an essay by Dan Robins and a review by Alexus McLeod. (And an essay on “prudence” by Kurtis Hagen that those of us interested in this topic should certainly read!)

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In this issue:
Metaphor and Meaning in Early China
Edward Slingerland
Abstract Full text PDF

The Warring States Concept of Xing
Dan Robins
Abstract Full text PDF

Xunzi and the Prudence of Dao: Desire as the Motive to Become Good
Kurtis Hagen
Abstract Full text PDF

Is Xunzi’s Virtue Ethics Susceptible to the Problem of Alienation?
James Harold
Abstract Full text PDF

Mou Zongsan and Tang Junyi on Zhang Zai’s and Wang Fuzhi’s Philosophies of Qi: A Critical Reflection
Wing-cheuk Chan
Abstract Full text PDF

Bell, Daniel A., China’s New Confucianism: Politics and Everyday Life in a Changing Society
Qingxin Ken Wang
Abstract Full text PDF

He, Guanghu ???, All Rivers Return to the Ocean: Toward a Global Religious Philosophy ????: ????????
Haiming Wen
Abstract Full text PDF

Kupperman, Joel J., Six Myths about the Good Life: Thinking about What Has Value
David B. Wong
Abstract Full text PDF

Lewis, Mark Edward, The Construction of Space in Early China
Robert André LaFleur
Abstract Full text PDF

Liu, Xiaogan ??? et. al., eds., Chinese Philosophy and Culture: Confucian Studies of Ming-Qing Period ???????: ??????
Shaojin Chai
Abstract Full text PDF

Zhou, Guidian ???, Qin and Han Philosophy ????
Alexus McLeod
Abstract Full text PDF
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