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Dao 11:2 (June 2012) TOC

Here is the Table of Contents for the latest issue of Dao: A Journal of Chinese Philosophy (on-line here).


Volume 11, Number 2 / June 2012

Zhong 中 and Ideal Rulership in the Baoxun 保訓 (Instructions for Preservation) Text of the Tsinghua Collection of Bamboo Slip Manuscripts

Shirley Chan

Observance of Forms: An Aesthetic Analysis of Analects 6.25

Tae-seung Lim

Mencius and Dewey on Moral Perception, Deliberation, and Imagination

Amit Chaturvedi

Two Senses of “Wei 偽”: A New Interpretation of Xunzi’s Theory of Human Nature

Yiu-ming Fung 馮耀明

The Book of Lord Shang Compared with Machiavelli and Hobbes

Markus Fischer

Filial Piety, Vital Power, and a Moral Sense of Immortality in Zhang Zai’s Philosophy

Galia Patt-Shamir

Goldin, Paul R., Confucianism. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2011, vii 168 pages

Manyul Im

He, Huaihong 何懷宏, Hereditary Society 世襲社會. Beijing 北京: Peking University Press, 北京大學出版社, 2011, 246 pages; and Selection Society 選舉社會. Beijing 北京: Peking University Press, 北京大學出版社, 2011, 372 pages

Zhen Cai

Kupperman, Joel J., Theories of Human Nature. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing, 2010, x + 199 pages

Matthew D. Walker

Nylan, Michael, and Thomas Wilson, Lives of Confucius: Civilization’s Greatest Sage Through the Ages. New York: Doubleday Religion, 2010, x + 293 pages

Jim Peterman

Song, Hongbing 宋洪兵, New Studies ofhanFeizi’s Political Thought 韓非子政治思想再硏究. Beijing 北京: Renmin Chubanshe 人民出版社, 2010, 414 pages

Soon-ja Yang

Reply to Dan Robins’s Review

Ian Johnston

Reply to Ian Johnston

Dan Robins

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