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TOC: Latest issue of Asian Philosophy

Issue 22:4 of Asian Philosophy has been published.

TI: A Dialectical Reading of the Bhagavadgita

AU: Dorter, Kenneth

PG: 307-326(20)


TI: Confucian Family for a Feminist Future

AU: Herr, Ranjoo Seodu

PG: 327-346(20)


TI: Knowing to Act in the Moment: Examples from Confucius Analects

AU: Lai, Karyn L.

PG: 347-364(18)


TI: Social Morality and Social Misfits: Confucius, Hegel, and the Attack of Zhuangzi and Kierkegaard

AU: Johnson, Daniel M.

PG: 365-374(10)


TI: Transmitting and Innovating in Confucius: Analects 7:1

AU: Yu, Jiyuan

PG: 375-386(12)


TI: Human Rights Ideology as Endemic in Chinese Philosophy: Classical Confucian and Mohist Perspectives

AU: Wen, Haiming; Akina, William Kelii

PG: 387-413(27)



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