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Teaching Resources

We aspire to collect here syllabi, links to reviews of teaching-related resources, and anything else that our community thinks might be helpful to those teaching Chinese philosophy, including Comparative courses (broadly speaking–i.e., combining significant amounts of Chinese and non-Chinese philosophical content in a single course).

If you have a resource you would like shared here, please email it to Steve Angle or Manyul Im. Either PDFS or links to stable on-line materials preferred. For syllabi, please include: (1) Coverage (i.e., time period, main figures/texts, or main topics), and (2) Notes & Special Features (e.g., designed for large lecture-style introduction; assumes prior course in Pre-Qin Philosophy; upper-division seminar; etc.).

Please also feel free to use the comments area below to make suggestions, ask questions, and so on.


Stephen Angle, “Classial Chinese Philosophy,” Wesleyan University.

  • Coverage: Analects, Mozi, Mencius, Dao De Jing, Xunzi, Zhuangzi
  • Notes: 40-student introductory class, but significantly text- and discussion-based
  • Syllabus; Assignment Outline
Bryan W. Van Norden, “Early Chinese Philosophy,” Vassar College
  • Coverage:  Confucius through Han Feizi
  • Grading:  Two papers of medium length, semi-weekly online reflections and reaction papers, final exam, attendance and class participation.
  • Syllabus

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